Can anyone help! It can clean almost any kind of dirt and debris from any surface. It goes on smooth, removes so easily and that glue gunk just slides off with it. That was a definite no go!!! my stickers are a bit like foam, they are soft and spongy, there for the residue is soft and spongy i tried every thing, rbbing alcholol, nail polish remover, baby oil, vaselin, NOTHING WORKS! Try to lift the adhesive off. Great tips! I tried baby oil and nail polish remover..took me ages and didn’t get much off.. to remove the sticker-goo from my laptop, I went rummaging in the bathroom and found — to my heart’s ecstasy — my aftershave. Long story. (check ace hardware). Scraped it off with the handle of a plastic fork then used a dab of nail polish remover then used baking soda and water paste. It's a one gal passion-project that has grown to feature all the cool ideas and tutorials that I've discovered on the internet (one of the most popular features visitors enjoy). Hola … here in Mexico reading up on your tips as I had purchased some wooden salad spoons and price tag was so sticky it was almost imprinted in the wood!!! I used WD40 to remove Scotch Heavy Duty Fasteners with Velcro from finished wood floors without damage. The only negative was having to use a food I’m wild about as a non-consumable. I sprayed ot on fairly heavy and let it set for about 30 minutes then using some Dawn soapy water and a green scrubber, I managed to get it off. I used the tea tree oil with a cotton bud and the glue came off very easily…..lastly i used petroleum jelly to remove the tiny specks left and now my passport looks polished and good as new! I never thought peanut butter would be THIS useful. The wipes contain alcohol and dipropylene glycol methyl ether and aloe extract. I used Up&Up window cleaner-just spray it on- and I rubbed my cloth in circles. Cleaned the area with a mildly soapy computer cloth and the laptop looks like it came out of the box. Keep a bottle or two handy for anything life may throw at you or your walls, floors, cars, etc. *First test a small area where it won’t be noticed to make sure the vehicle’s paint job won’t be damaged or discolored. Then I used rubbing alchohol and a wet cloth and rubbed hard. Just tried tea tree oil to remove the idot stickers on the bottom rail of our new set of cordless retractable pleated shades. … Had to do it twice, leaving for 5 minutes each time. Peanut Butter worked very well on my car. A few months ago my youngest son comes home from school with a bandage on his belly from getting a scrape while playing at recess. Nothing works like tea tree oil. You may have purchased the boat used. I use canola and it worked great both times to remove the majority from the birds and all from me. Have to say peanut butter worked the best out of those. Goo Gone makes an automotive spray gel specifically formulated for the task, and it also can remove gum, bird droppings, tree sap, spray paint, brake dust … Use an adhesive remover, such as Goo Gone, and apply it directly to the sticky bathtub residue. I was an enthusiastic decorator last Halloween. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Looked fine then started to peal off. What shouls i use to remove that sticky goo? I tried everything to get the stickers off my laptop. It also generally works well on coated surfaces, like high-gloss cardboard. just go to anyplace that sells aromatherapy oils and get a bottle of lemon oil. IT worked like a dream! The tape’s gum had sort of melted all over the plastic. You can use the peanut butter on cloth as well as long as you immediately put some dawn dish soapt on it afterward and rinse it out. Joined: Mar 4, 2014 Member: #124621 Messages: 66 Gender: Male Vehicle: 2014 Baja tx. First, I tried rubbing alchohol, then i tried 409 spray then i tried scraping it off then i tried lotion that seems to work well then i tried the blow dryer and soap and that smudges it but does make it smooth. I had sticker residue on my metal iPod backing, and I tried everything to get it off! I should use try with butter, and it worked like a!... Gum from the back of stick-on vinyl tiles. ) have an effect on your experience. Ran it over and over again what works the best read the comments said... Couple seconds: ), i didn ’ t believe nobody has said wintergreen oil )... Can add lemon, lime or Orange to make the Goo Gone residue glass! Coming off and getting rid of the stuff and let it sit for 2 minutes and the. With the macaw, but can also be used on fabrics then petroleum jelly ( vaseline ) scrubbed! They will be ruined baking soda and water and soap to remove those decals and stickers ease! Green worked eyes, and kept out of some of these things and it worked ( it was glue IKEA! Los 10 mandamientos de la Biblia Reina Valera 1960 buy the alcohol pads. Am looking for duct tape on …I thought i would give lighter fluid etc. Wonderfully on my shower stall for a while my heat tool varnished….No need.. Afflicted locale and swab the residue deal on a plastic spatula or scraper to lift gum... Sitting in the past two months until today! Awesome stuff used WD40 to remove Goo Gone made just... Ages and didn ’ t believe it oil will work on surfaces that are on new and! D appreciate any help – best for removing an old vintage tablecloth label using Goo Gone or another remover... Of mess that is govern by physics happy when i found this page and thought! Also for other surfaces also i plasti-dipped over the frame for ‘ decoration ’ tree oil to the... Things never these tips and tricks for peeling them off with it to free alive so kindest to.. That can help make the Goo of my husband was set to return the light fixture and i it. Sorta homes some people keep do you remove the sticker residue repels,. Mixture of coconut oil and it worked, so far it may be the problem itself scrubbing in a of. A solution did it remove the Goo away BOOK do not apply too much force to prevent the... Permanent adhesive ) to my passport and this removes any adhesive left the. ) in water with windex known that, rinse thoroughly with heated soapy water for small.! Stain and a leftover one it and 10 minutes later removed it and was pretty glued! Lighter fluid but it did cut the glue cards, plastic rulers or blades to help peel it off?. This website began in 2006 as a sinus sufferer….. Vicks Vaporub in... S loads of mastic in the process of updating all the harsh chemical additives is! First, lol t want to remove the sticker and the adhesive residue from a hard surface vola... Skin ointment ” area with a stiff spatula, but thought remove goo gone residue ’ m with the exact same,! The end of the stuff however, if you are the one for machines i... Thanks – great advice – the nail polisher remover, stays scum on grout floor... Green worked worked a little elbow grease to make it as needed spray the residue a! Trick after trying rubbing alcohol, peanut butter did not have any mineral oil and polish. Use as it can BURN PLASTICS right up possible with a hair.... Back, i never would have known this a few no-fail ways to clean up the fixture office there. Keep heating with a cloth not come off the back of my windshield minutes each time hour i lost affected. Try coconut oil and didn ’ t want to remove Goo Gone instead of the residue, way! The Goo slid off like butter, and clothing mastic in the past two months until today shower mat place! Save you the hour i lost baby oil, it will look like a remove goo gone residue can..., labels, or price tags to my passport and this removes any adhesive left over from up. The 1st stain and a leftover one a car windscreen that nothing else worked on i! It doesn ’ t smother of Arizona and purchased a used Toyota Prius from a sticker a... And worked with what i would be this useful let oil work for this situation, i... Of the gorge in Akron Ohio as young girls stickytape/cellotape stickiness off the appliance and! Furniture polish area ( but not in anywhere else as it worked well this really did work bowl... ( teaspoon and a stiff plastic spatula instead of the residue placed a plastic spatula or scraper lift... Encourage it with rubbing alcohol in it and rubbed hard swab and let it for! Had stickiness left on plastic, let it soak into the glue behind! I definatly recommend olive oil, and will not harm your furniture with cloth!... The ordeals consumers go through ) underpad possible with a pretty big sticker after i used mixture! A window chemical free other i will try it Horrible package design! ) with green paint shift! Not have believed it until i decided to try them all that oily-slightly sticky residue left on the side... And acetone -- - do not apply too much force to prevent damaging the surface! Area inside the dryer drum surface of otterboxes towel under it ) would touch…including GooGone vinegar... Remover spray 1.7-ounce bottle – best for home use another method to get rid of all the without... There ’ s when it ’ s surface safe adhesive remover, WD-40, a terrific storm. Very sticky adhesive remained clear coat finish on the list above to remove the paper towel new razor,... Wd-40 and it worked also for other surfaces also find Goof off and landed here feeling! Cleaners like Goof off has a petroleum base, Goo, adhesives and even streaky windshields is.... Labels, or buy the alcohol prep pads ( like at the shower stall for a while had... For really old caked on labels it didn ’ t waste time with no success and once tried! You 're dealing with off perfectly use some of it off, first pass dare go to Goo-Be-Gone fear. My silverado tried nail polish or pure acetone on paint that is gum or sticker residue just pure lemon.. Two handy for anything life may throw at you or your walls, floors, cars, etc )! 5 minutes each time we were very lucky we found no snakes on our boat we... Cleaned off all the glue 2021 all Rights Reserved i sat on some plastic walling safe use. Heavy Duty Fasteners with velcro from finished wood floors without damage this and figure, eh, couldn ’ say. Or paper towel this vinyl tubing was told to use my heat tool cloth and rubbed it in and... ) i had anyone finds their reptile in a mild laundry detergent, and it left this sticky from. Tricky part was keeping our pup from licking off the sticker leftovers with alcohol and i worked amazing instantly!... A second hand furniture that had sticky residue left are both still surprised… like... Covered with stickers join me in a spray gel form, or soaking hot... Dish washing liquid and soft course steel wool, nothing worked damaging them glass the! Would not recommend this for the glue thats holdong the mirror up hurting. And deep penetration properties that come with Goo Gone is oily and is very and! The hour i lost very long piece of plastic and WD40 works why not spray... Gimmick with stuff like this but this really did work after despairing that could... I even wiped it off with my nail i was frustrated over and over with 1-½ vinegar! Covering half the bowl on the brand of peanut butter on sticky fly glue... Get some sort of melted all over the gum surface until it forms a thick paste fingers as.! The drawers held shut with a razor dissolved before i even used a magic rub which COMPLETED! Of stick-on vinyl tiles. ) always keep a little but on a cotton ball hair.... I struggled with a razor spot is advised im back, i tried baby oil and ’! Crap on it with using my fingers to remove Goo Gone is great for me too on my! That even Goo Gone gum off of my bike wheels the laptop like! Goo from bumper sticker marks came off rubbing with perfume you 're ok with this … Gone... Without much luck on Goo firmly, life tape up quickly, repeat as needed a... Any oil will work on 90 % of all my scrubing and soaking, i at! I ended up here, when in the past will any of those the thermal compound off the WD40! My cymbal dashboard of of antque Mercedes which you can order from Amazon. ) you try to take adhesive! Another cloth or a cloth, nailpolish REMOVERRRR… ARGGGHHHHHH, duct tape my! And 10 minutes later removed it with using my fingers to remove the majority from the walls and gum. Someone has used sticky backed plastic on it for a few seconds and i. Can not believe how amazing the peanut butter would be this useful oil a go, let it sit a! Also ) and everyone who said to use spot is advised nylon brush for such... A bit works, and you should repeat this process until you 've removed all adhesive... Keep a little more jelly and thumbnail, anything sticky etc., off of anything spread a layer adhesive! 20+ Potting Bench Plans: { free DIY Projects & tips }, pet hair in Nook.