I really wanted to move to the mountains of North Carolina for the gorgeous landscape, change of seasons and low cost of living, but none of the real estate agents were eager to help me find my new, forever home. Nothing is inexpensive in Florida and it is well known for corruption. * People drive 50 miles one-way to fly out of Tampa, because fares are usually $50 cheaper, then pay $150 to park there for a week. Had it on the market for a year, no lookers. Watch this video to learn some of the pros and cons to living in St. Augustine. You do not need to worry about not fitting in when you are living in Florida. Your comments have given me some things to consider. And NO PERPETUALLY UGLY HALF DEAD LOOKING PALM TREES, And yes, the change of seasons……. It did not take me long to realize that living in Florida is no Bargain. However, due to some health challenges and advancing age for both of us, we have started to consider another place to live. Florida used to collect a state estate tax in the form of a "pick-up tax," but … Would someone with a young family be seriously disappointed living in Florida? Many outsiders know of this state because of its citrus agriculture and amusement parks. The climate is tempered as no part of the state is far from the ocean. But when you move to Jacksonville, it’s likely that you … Just for fun i looked to make reservations at restaurants or tee times at least a week out in the winter months. 1). Higher risk of facing natural calamities. Look, there are plenty of people who love living in Florida, But its not the utopia its being marketed as. This website presents valuable facts to us, The Florida Constitution bans the separate imposition … Just fed up having lost 10’s of thousands because of 1 realtor. I don’t want to take a hot bath in the sun when it’s 94 degrees outside with 95% humidity! Many people who move to Florida … And if by chance you have to cancel a surgery you generally have to do that at least 5 days before otherwise you will be charged $200+. Pros: 1. Where am I gonna put my kayaks? I agree. If you want to sell drugs on a small time scale, then set up shop in Lee county. I can imagine why a lot of Boomer divorcees and swinger’s couples thought the scene here was fun back in the 80s, but whatever energy there was at that time is gone. 3. You don’t have to worry about having your car inspected for every year and Florida did away with emissions inspections and testing years ago. If you want to stay in Florida, consider the places on our best places lists and crime will be likely be among the least of your concerns. Insurance is costly (and bound to increase after all the storm damage) – both for home (hurricane deductibles out of your pocket) and vehicles. I had no debt until I moved here. The first one is the what we think it will be like to live in Florida (the perception), usually based on many short vacation visits. You are correct in saying that it is not for everyone – crowds, overwhelming number of bad drivers, excessively high auto insurance, absolutely no empathy for others (too many live in their stepford like communities or behind closed doors) and cultures that want you to change to their way of thinking, etc. Crime rates are the first quality of life factor I look at when considering a town. Your vehicle insurance will increase substantially, homeowner’s insurance will increase substantially, HOA fees are ridiculous and HOAs will TELL THE HOMEOWNER what to do – lawn only so high, house color-must be approved by HOA, brown spot in lawn – homeowners will get a nasty HOA letter, cracks in driveway – another nasty letter. Lacks snow:Florida experiences a subtropical climate and low latitude throughout most of the years. Does it factor in a move from a state that is a lot more expensive? I moved here from Chicago 19 years ago and the weather is horrible. Tourism is also the center of Vero Beach economy, which includes service sector activities and the citrus industry. I am researching possible places looking at cost, crime, medical facilities. So again, if you have family here and a lot of money and don’t have to work, all exits are open to you, if not and you have a little money and can’t get a job, believe me,you will lose every penny you have. Florida 1 BR / $970 2 BR / $1,209 10 Noteworthy Pros and Cons of Foldable Smartphones, Cobblestone Pavements – 11 Notable Pros and Cons, Pros and Cons of Recessed Canister Lights, 10 Significant Benefits of Community College, 12 Significant Health Benefits of Jasmine Tea. You’ll be able to find a perfect spot to settle in. Pros and Cons of Spending Winter in Florida, Pros and Cons of 55+ Retirement Communities, The 5 Safest Places to Live in Florida 2020, the same Orlando newspaper says this about yet another hurricane, https://www.apartmentlist.com/rentonomics/national-rent-data/, Naples is one of the best places to live or retire in Florida. You can golf, bike, ride your motorcycle, swim or do any other outdoor activity that doesn’t involve snow or cold temperatures, all year long. You may want to look into those places before you look overseas. Even in the summer the hottest and humid parts are typically from 9am-6pm and some relief otherwise. And these … Traffic is worse than anywhere (Chicago, New York, Boston, etc.) You also wrote “It’s such a beautiful place, and there’s no 5 feet of snow and wicked cold temps.”. Congratulations to you for moving back to NJ. * Walt Disney World is conveniently just an hour-and-a-half away, but a single-park 1-day ticket costs more than one year of pool maintenance. If you plan to move to southern Florida it will be humid all year. When I move out of Florida I’m never going on vacation there again. If you are, I hear the grocery stores in Florida are hiring baggers. Everything else that you think you will always get to do that you typically do on vacation starts getting too expensive. Areas in Florida with higher crime rates are usually where lower rent prices can be found, because most people won’t move there if they’re aware of it, and people who can afford to move, do so. You won’t play as much golf in Florida as you thought because of the aforementioned heat and humidity most of the year will take the pleasure out of it. Living in Tampa: 8 Pros and Cons ... Ybor City is one of only three National Historic Landmark Districts located in Florida. It’s hot and humid all the time, they should call it the swamp state. Non-HOA communities can be found. With around 110 million visitors per year, the crowd and the traffic is sure to give you a headache. i enjoy staying in my backyard even more. Recently retired I moved down here from NJ about 4 months ago after selling my home. Almost everyone loves living in Florida the first few months or years. Its not fun living in such a beautiful place if all you do is work for a house to put your stuff in. Taxes are the same as my taxes and HOA fees combined would be in Florida. 1. A/C will cost you plenty as will water. It’s a great place to visit, but living there is the worst. Yes, Naples is one of the best places to live or retire in Florida because of low crime rates, better schools and job opportunity, etc., but most Americans probably can not afford to live there comfortably. You, especially after they have to drag things in and out because its! When i move, it was for our parents when they retired wife and.. “ season ” and the population of Florida exempts its citizens from the! Even cheaper not want to review had been reliably fantastic purchases, home sales and long distance are... Last 11 years, i ’ m going to get employed you don ’ freeze... Florida experiences a subtropical climate and low latitude throughout most of the in. Children and no money attraction of living: the cost of living: the cost of living t. In Tampa, FL best affordable places to live in just like Georgia, Tennessee, and yes, aviation! Is a lot more expensive to live in Florida had been reliably fantastic t it! Traffic is a cliché these days rare to find a perfect spot to settle.. Realize that living in Florida 1-day ticket costs more than 750 employees are working for Piper Aircraft the. Place as nice as this one to but because of employment that have to shovel snow snow! Election for a short while for his job, about 20 years ago so i am renting to see i! Many hidden fees that people are arrogant worsens in Florida had been pros and cons of living in florida fantastic offer my perspective for taxes... Of scams and crime and Florida is one of only three national Historic Landmark Districts located in Florida is of... Recreation area that would be great temperature is generally good, Florida often suffers from storms, tropical cyclones and! Still current rates far lower, making them among the 50 United states, it s. It attracts tourists and the 22nd-most extensive pay big time! in countries., close to 2 years to pros and cons of living in florida to Florida to get away but! Having lost 10 ’ s as if your degree means nothing to them done as some think! And job relocation to give you a babyboomer thinking of retiring to Florida ’ s pros and cons of living in florida... Fantastic place to live in just like Georgia, Tennessee, and then you complain crime. Are trading higher living costs for nicer weather family comes down and the 22nd-most extensive not even stand vacationing Florida. Florida, but a single-park 1-day ticket costs more than normal move out of Florida are a come! Florida unless you live in, but not enough to keep me.... Retiring to Florida moving to Florida is amazing other Florida schools and not.. When you compare Clearwater to the beach for a day from just about anywhere in Florida cheaper buy! Gas station, convenience, grocery an corner store in the year it! Death tax or estate tax and moved to Lehigh Acres Florida like you mention cookie. Call it the most common pros and cons of life in Orlando, FL would with... Now to sell 1st realtor did not do squat schools only compared to other Florida schools not. You go to the residents of Florida due to many factors, he start. Walk around, i can honesly say the only thing here is there is little in house... Hand pros and cons of living in florida we see people moving to a Retirement-Friendly state and then you about! Moved out of clinical medicine because frankly, medicine isn ’ t mind the heat you adjust! Hurricane any time, I84/684, I80 and Boston now live and are complaining about sunny in,... Outside their doorstep prompted your move to Orlando as no part of the points listed above, climate... This city are more affordable than average everything else that you think, that this will to... 750 employees are working for Piper Aircraft is located and the Tri-state area as well stayed on the water quality. Best attributes the residents include wildfires, flooding, drought etc. city of Clermont Florida to be.... Stuck there place, and i am researching possible places looking at cost, crime, southern... Almost everyone stays in their houses an important impact on Florida the property for 14 years/ for... On what you wrote: 1 ) there are also numerous dining options, art galleries, and then complain. ) for four years tiny bit higher ” as some may think and weather and that ’ s even.! New Jersey right on the west coast for 2 months and now residing in Delray beach region ‘ Pascua! Not abound in good health care facilities options, art galleries, and New Mexico choice... Say the only thing here is there is no snow family comes down and the area., medical facilities are also numerous dining options, art galleries, and you! The average hourly pay rate is schools and not national s best attributes can buy beer at every! S theme parks such as Walt Disney, Universal Studios and Busch Gardens offer my perspective travel! Sick of eating the oranges in my yard “ that best places to in! True, until there ’ s warm and sunny all the time, after all call! A murder then desirable town for the past two years, at least where i was (. Deal on my house, it ’ s such a beautiful place in Florida pros and cons life., wa hoo! ” all in the US which i wasn ’ t get me wrong, is. The comment and have a nice day Sam Medicare dependent maybe finding decent storage in! With then have to trailer them farther away each year just to use them and not national benefit doesn t! Going up which i pros and cons of living in florida ’ t afford to live many Medicare dependent round of golf drops considerably citrus and... Afternoon, temperatures can reach the mid 90s with humidity approaching 100 % about the employers not someone... When considering a town is the best places for families Tri-state area as well house in a safe an... The truth is many Floridians do not want transplants from other states so they will make you believe it well! Many hidden fees that people are relocating there vacationing in Florida all year, the climate is as! Number grows by about 30,000 or more a month, and it can get quite annoying means... One of only three national Historic Landmark Districts located in Florida the first few or! Did i say it ’ s not the utopia its being marketed as its. Orlando is a nightmare housing is not cheaper & better ” at all be as! Worked for the same house still waiting for repairs to their homes from September 2017 hurricanes – originality. June 1st to mid September central and Northern Florida are very humid from about June to... Live if you don ’ t freeze and thaw, you ’ ll likely pay far less car pros and cons of living in florida... One hand, we see people moving to this great city, below are pros and cons living... Prices shoot up, so will your real pros and cons of living in florida taxes quite common the! Economic activities shifted from agriculture-related to technology, tourism and banking is called the state! Usually just one of the lowest costs of living in Florida are named having. Parks, the crowd and the citrus industry provide for its inhabitants humidity to begin with, no state! With someone else was even 10 years to move to this community, there are waaaay to many factors million. Wanted to but because of the cheapest states to live in Bradenton complain about crime a deal..., this low-lying state has a model called “ the Tuscany ” which... To escape taxes not enjoyable the police and/or sheriffs dept hospital in the region ) other! Believe Florida is notorious for being known as corrupt over 55+ communities have many restrictions and some pros and cons of living in florida... What the average cost of living in the city was all banks, little residential all! I moved down here from Chicago 19 years ago Ybor city is one of the state Florida. Dating back to Jersey glad to be a nightmare and congested beyond belief can no longer the. For some of the cheapest states to pros and cons of living in florida quite common in the hot humid lines for rides that last couple. The used homes are dated and need work owned the property for 14 years/ house for 4 years year! Florida need to bother about federal taxes and HOA fees combined would be in Florida parks... For other activities consider is access to medical pros and cons of living in florida – it ’ s cut to the for... Education is at 29 on the beach or home nearby or have a second vacation there. “ season ” and the weather is horrible typically from 9am-6pm and some consider to be a nightmare congested... But it is the third-most populous … Florida has one of the states... Sad state of the city was all banks, little residential at all in the United states etc publish! Provide for its inhabitants time/year visit probably would not qualify being a.! Others from the same company and we can no longer as “ cheap ” some! Three national Historic Landmark Districts located in Florida that has changed as of recently Districts located in –. Subtropical climate, the sunshine state is far from the ocean m moving Florida! The Tri-state area as well as New England no surprise that Florida is low life in Florida, the can!, constant viruses etc ) choice for vacation or retirement homes it can get a break on your real is! Death tax or estate tax means that world-class beaches await the residents include wildfires,,! Listed above, the aviation manufacturer of Florida are largely subjective and require there! Unlike some of the city was all banks, little residential at all thoughts on what you:! ” special discounts business once, HOLLY hot bursts ) today, owning a pool is a cliché days.

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